Tallahassee Truck Accident  Attorney

Annually, accidents involving large trucks kill or seriously injure thousands of people. In Florida alone, according to the Florida Department Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, heavy trucks over 10,000 pounds were involved in 3,563 injury crashes in 2012. Truck accidents are unique for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that due to their size they account for a disproportionate amount of serious injuries and fatalities.

Factors Involved in Truck Accidents

The trucking industry is regulated in an attempt to help prevent accidents. For instance, truck drivers are limited as to how many hours they can drive in a week. They must follow certain procedures when loading cargo. The cargo must conform to specific types and weight. These regulations are intended to ensure the safety of truck drivers, other drivers and their passengers, as well as pedestrians.

Unfortunately, many wrecks do result from failure to follow these regulations such as truck driver fatigue. Other causes of accidents involving heavy trucks include:

  •        Improperly maintained trucks
  •        Inclement weather
  •        Truck driver error
  •        Under qualified drivers
  •        Unstable or improperly secured cargo
  •        Alcohol or controlled substance use

Who is Liable for the Cause of the Accident?

There are many intricacies involved in trucking laws and the issues surrounding truck accidents. There are also multiple parties that could potential be involved including the trucking company, truck manufacturer,  truck driver, and multiple insurance companies. 

If the cause is directly linked to the practices of the trucking company, such as overworking the drivers or hiring under qualified people, the company may be liable for the accident. If the cargo itself exceeds the prescribed weight or was improperly loaded and this is the cause of the accident, both the company and the driver could be held liable.

Getting Legal help from a Truck Accident Attorney in Tallahassee

If you are involved in a truck accident you must ascertain who is responsible. The procedure for determining who is liable entails gathering evidence which may include the truck company records. The black box or engine control module needs to be analyzed to determine what the driver was doing prior to the accident. The site of the accident will be inspected.

Due to the complexities involved in investigating a truck accident, it’s important to use an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in this area. Collin Cherry has the knowledge, skills and experience of investigating truck accidents as well as a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to the trucking industry. He will fully dedicate himself to ensuring you receive the compensation that is due to you. This could include reparation for:

  •        Lost wages
  •        Unpaid medical expenses
  •        Pain and suffering
  •        Retraining and/or rehabilitation

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